How to troubleshoot "CmDongle runtime system not installed!" In Oppo Tool

Official Oppo Tool
Probably some people already know that the latest Oppo tool can not be opened because of warning "CmDongle runtime system is not installed!"
CmDongle runtime system not installed!
why can not it be because our PC does not install Oppo certificate, In order for us to use official tools from Oppo PC we have to install Certificate unless you use Tool crack, but until now there is no carck tool available for latest Oppo like Oppo F5 CPH1723 or CPH1725 etc.

Here Firmware27 will give it away for free.
First you have to install Codemeter Runtime, then Download and open OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaU by right click and select open it will be installed automatically.
Now you try to open Oppo Tool F5 or A71 and now you can already smile because Oppo Tool can be opened, but if the download button can not be clicked please download and install PdaNet

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cndongle runtimr error what is this help

cm dongle runtimr error what is this help